Celtic Woman Chloe Agnew

Chloe Agnew performing with Celtic Woman


Chloë Agnew is a member in the musical group Celtic Woman. An Irish vocalist and musician, Chloë Agnew has one of the best voices in the contemporary Celtic genre. Her musical career started in 2000, at the tender age of 11 when she was approached to sing a song to raise money for the children of Afghanistan. By 2004 she had recorded two solo albums and was gaining international attention.

She told the website Belief Net, "Irish music was bred into us from the day we are born. Looking back to our ancestors and our heritage, it was always in our culture. Even through the hardest of times Irish people always turned to music. They have a song for everything--for drinking, for depression, for famine. I remember a song growing up that was for milking the cows"

She joined the group Celtic Woman in 2004 and began touring with the musicians. She was the lead vocalist for the 2009 Isle of Hope Tour, and will be performing in the group during the upcoming Celtic Woman concert tour. To view and purchase Celtic Woman concert tickets, check out our Celtic Woman website where you'll find convenient and cheap Celtic Woman tickets!


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